Microsoft is releasing a new version of Windows 10—here’s what you need to know

Microsoft is releasing a new version of Windows 10—here’s what you need to know

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Recently, Microsoft announced a new version of Windows. Aimed at inexpensive laptops and education, Windows 10 S presents some new advantages and some disadvantages as well. It’s set to compete with ChromeOS, a simplified operating system that has limited app selection and that’s mostly based around Google’s Chrome browser.

This new wave of affordable Windows laptops should give consumers plenty of choices when they don’t have a whole lot of money to spend. That said, Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Laptop will also have the new Windows 10 S software pre-loaded, giving you a top-shelf option to choose from as well.

What is Windows 10 S?

Windows 10 S is a cut-down version of normal Windows 10.

Wait, how many versions of Windows are there?

Previously, there were two Windows flavors for everyday use: Home and Pro. Windows 10 S the new third option, although I wouldn’t be shocked if Microsoft discontinued the Home version in favor of S eventually.
What do I give up by picking a laptop with Windows 10 S?

Windows 10 S is more secure due to the way you install apps. Instead of allowing for any program from the internet to install to a Windows 10 S computer, users will only be able to install apps available on the Windows Store. Each app in the Store is vetted by Microsoft.

This means that exploits and malware won’t be able to glom onto your computer, and complex applications will install and uninstall cleanly without leaving detritus on your system long after you’re done with the program.

What apps can I get from the store?

Even though Microsoft doesn’t have many popular apps in its store, there are loads of everyday programs that will be in the store by the time Windows 10 S computers are on store shelves. Software like Photoshop Elements, Microsoft’s Office apps, and Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram are all there today. Microsoft has announced that Spotify and iTunes will be in the Store later on this year.

Are there any popular apps I can’t get?

Plenty of apps are nowhere to be found, so make sure your favorites are available. The Windows Store has been a little slow to grow, and even now it’s nowhere near as good as the iOS app store, Mac App Store, or even Google Play.

For instance, some third-party browsers like Firefox or Google Chrome are unavailable from the Store. As it stands, Windows 10 S will likely only have one fully-featured web browser available for it: Microsoft Edge (with Bing set as the only search provider). Personally, I think Edge is fine for most users, but if you rely on a Chrome plugin for your job, or just prefer a different browser, you’re going to be out of luck.

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